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I am a devoted mother and wife and an avid Pepsi drinker. I spend way too much time re-watching Gilmore Girls and I will always say yes to a long Sunday drive holding my husband's hand.

I find so much joy in preserving memories! I love photographing relationships. New parents with their child. Brides and grooms. And because I have two boys of my own: Mothers and sons.

I ALWAYS cry during the daddy-daughter dance. And even though I'm teary at every wedding, it's my favorite.

hello. I'm kylie.


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the wedding day is just the beginning

kylie's Philosophy

Looking into my husband's tear-filled eyes during our wedding ceremony is one of my greatest treasured memories. As he held my hand in his, we made promises to each other that we are living and striving to be worthy of each day. 

Our wedding day was a defining point in time for me. I felt as through I was stepping into an unknown world, but doing so holding the hand of the man that I couldn't live without.

My goal as a wedding photographer is to capture the moments that are a sacred space between you and your future spouse. I focus on moments and the people that make those moments worth living.